Welcome to AVPFirst, the signature nonprofit youth provider of the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.  AVPFirst has created a national pipeline for player development by consistently delivering the highest level of playing standards while investing the necessary resources to ensure a professional feel and improved participant experience. AVPFirst will be running Gold Events as well as 12 Zonal Championships this 2018-19 season which are all direct bid-earning events for the 2019 AVPFirst National Championships. All these events as well as the 2019 National Championships will have registration pages on Bracketpal. For all other partner hosted events, please register here.


This is why you play!


2019 AVPFirst National Championships - July 23th-28th, Hermosa Beach CA


Do you want to earn your bid to the 2019 AVPFirst National Championship and compete like the pros?

Step 1: Become an AVP member

Step 2: Register for local events

Step 3: Accrue AVP points throughout the season

Step 4- Follow your position in the rankings

Step 5- Earn your bid or apply for a National Championship bid through Zonal Qualification on Bracketpal


If you have any questions or queries please email Brooke Bernard at brookeb@avp.com